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Chaga, The Highest Antioxidant

Medical Research concerning Chaga

There is much foreign medical research on chaga. And Chaga is reported to be the highest in anti oxidants. However is such a large amount of anti oxidant good or bad? Too much of a good thing is often a bad thing so one might question whether chaga is really that valuable for health. We just report the available information below and you will have to decide as there is no current scientific information we can find in the US to support these claims.

For the past fourty (40) years 1,600 modern scientific studies have demonstrated and proven the pharmacological effects for the immune, hormonal and central nervous system. Siberian Chaga is neither a plant or animal yet its DNA make up is thirty (30%) per cent closer to humans than plants. Classified scientifically as: Basidiomycetes mushrooms to which there are approximately 200 species have demonstrated medicinal values. Siberian Chaga is far and above any other Basidiomycetes. Siberian Chaga contains the …