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Jingle Petite Roulent

Cancer loves sugar, and white flours and more of all other flours become glucose once absorbed by the body.However, some of them have a chemical composition that promotes lower sugar, and high fiber content. I made these little rolls from a combination of low GI grains as a good substitute for any kind of bread in the market.
Oatbran coarse1 cup Rolled oatsI cup Raw wheat germ3/4 cup Coconut flour1 ½ cup Eggs2 Ghee4 tablespoons Himalayan salt in waterto your taste Orange peelHalf and orange Goji berriesa good hand full Cranberrieshalf a hand full Walnuta good hand full Almond milkenough to bind together
1-Put in a big bowl all, oatbran, rolled oats, wheat germ, and coconut flour. 2-Add the Ghee and mix well with your hands. 3-In a half glass of hot water add some rock salt, dissolve and add to the mixture. 4-Add two eggs 5-Slice the goji berries, the cranberries, the walnuts and the orange peel, and add to the mixture. 6-Add almond milk to bind all together. 7-Shape in your hands in…

Beta-Glucan-Rich Barley Helps Control Sugar

Barley Is the Best Source of Fiber Beta-Glucan-Rich Barley
Helps Control Blood Sugar

The viscous, soluble fiber reduces glucose and
insulin levels as well as cholesterol levels
By Will Block magine that you and your elephant, George, are on safari in the Kalahari Desert, and you get hopelessly lost. There’s no one around to help you—not even a Bushman. You have water with you, but no food, and the only vegetation far and wide is some scrubby trees. Days go by, and you’re starving—your body desperately needs more of its chief source of chemical energy, glucose.
© Kulzer You watch enviously as George calmly nourishes himself by eating the trees. You know they consist mainly of cellulose, a complex carbohydrate, and cellulose molecules consist entirely of . . . glucose! The glucose molecules are linked end-to-end to form the long cellulose polymers, which bond together to form tough fibers. The rest of the wood consists mainly of hemicell…