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Wheatgrass and Cancer

Newsletter #286
Lee Euler, Editor
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About Cancer Defeated!

The one juice that cancer cells
just can't swallow!
    For some folks, the word 'wheatgrass' conjures up images of juice bars and health food stores filled with, well, health nuts.

    But have you ever wondered just what it is and why so many folks are so eager to chug down wheatgrass concoctions? They know what they're doing, so please keep reading. . .

Continued below. . .

Video of the Week:
"Shocking Confessions
of a Drug Company Insider"
    In this exposé, a top executive of a major pharmaceutical company spills the naked truth about the drugs you and your family take... which drugs heal, and which ones KILL... what doctors turn to when they don't know the cure... what they do when they themselves or their loved ones are stricken with disease or illness... what life-saving resource they insist should be in every home. now because your li…

Blue Sky Smoothie

1 banana
1 hand full blueberries frozen or natural
6 walnuts
1 dry fig or date
almond or coconut milk, or your milk of preference
blend all together
sprinkle some cinnamon powder, serve and...

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