My treatment

My Personal Treatment

1- The first thing I have done is to listen deeply to my heart and fully trust, no matter how crazy it looked and how much others have tried (with good intentions) to persuade me to follow the advice of mainstream medicine.
2- I didn’t accept any chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy, but this was a very personal decision. I also don’t accept any test by radiation or poisoning of the cells. I have check-ups by Ultrasound or Detailed MRI.
3- I have searched the Internet and I put together a plan that felt right, natural and holistic, a plan that attended to all levels of my experience.
5- Have 15 minutes of direct sunlight every day at lunchtime.
6- Daily 1-hour walk, preferably in a forest or seaside, surrounded by nature, never in the evening. If there was no bush, just a park or square will do.
7- I start the day having a glass of Sauerkraut first thing in the morning to make the body alkaline and create friendly bacteria in the stomach for good digestion and absorption.
8- Daily juice made with two carrots, celery, ¼ beetroot, 2 apples or black grapes and parsley. You can change to spinach, broccoli or any other green veggie from time to time, especially kale and asparagus.
9- Plenty of unsaturated fats: cold water fish, legumes, green leaves, fruits, nuts, and seeds. To make a whole protein you need to combine grains, seeds, nuts and legumes.
10- The Johanna Budwig Treatment: 5 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (organic-cold pressed); 10 tablespoons of quark (light) or cottage cheese. Blend together until all well combined in a creamy form (this blend brings oxygen to the cells, and cancer cell cannot live with it). I eat this cream every day with fruits, muesli, wholemeal bread, salads or just on its own. I have it most of the time with mango or kiwi. This is the most important part of my treatment.
11- I add Ocean Superfood to my fruit juice, and sometimes I add powdered pea protein.
12- I make my bread with wholemeal flours, oats, bran, nuts, dry fruits like sultanas, figs and apricots, and I use ghee instead of butter.
13- I cook my food very little so that the nutrients are still intact, and I add many raw things as possible like parsley, lettuce, spinach, Brussels sprouts, carrots, seeds, nuts, berries, etc.
14- I cook only with organic virgin pure olive oil although I make sure the oil doesn’t burn and use olive oil in raw salads or blends.
15- I don’t use microwaves.
16- When my food is ready on the plate, I add 10 or 15g of grinded flax seed. This is very, very important! (The flaxseed must be grinded just before to be used, otherwise it will oxidise very quickly and become harmful).
17- One teaspoon of Turmeric in water 4 times a day. I was told that Turmeric on its own could heal cancer because it enters the mitochondria and kills all scavengers. Also, turmeric is well absorbed by the body when it is combined with organic black pepper (please, Australian) or oil.
18- I am taking supplements that contain: iodine from kelp, Selenium and Vit D3 from Dr Sandra Cabot, but this formula is specially made for breast care. I take 10,000u of vitamin D3 daily. I also take Vit B complex; Q10 antioxidant; zing; Selenium, magnesium and Vit C. The tablet's shell is made from the cartilage on the animal’s ears, which is full of hormones and antibiotics. Please choose veggie-tables.
19- I drink the juice of a grapefruit or two with a tablespoon of Magnesium Chloride every night. And I have a bath with Epson Salts or Magnesium Chloride flakes almost every day.
20- Meditation with imagery: This technique was amazing for me; it helped me to go through the entire journey with very little pain and not anguish at all: I have imagined my body part by part being cleansed and filled with a beautiful light that was healing every part of my body. There is a beautiful Cancer Meditation CD online (see resources).
21- I have found the EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) very efficient in dismantling those old irrational beliefs that don’t serve us anymore (see resources)..
22- I meditate every day. Meditation is the tool that keeps me rooted in the present moment, where everything is perfect and just right. The present moment keeps me safe from my crazy mind, with its habits and patterns of negativity from the past and its anxiety about the future.
23- I don’t use anti-perspirant anymore, only an aluminium-free deodorant naturally made. As much as I can I use cotton or natural fibre clothes, and I try to eat organic food. I avoid chemicals, beauty products, colorants, and strong magnetic fields or radiation from too much exposure to mobiles phones and computers. I don’t use plastic containers, and try to be in contact with nature as much as possible.
24- The most important: DO NOT STRESS! Life is too short and much precious!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please know that this was my personal choice and not the recommendations of mainstream medicine. You should consult your doctor and listen to all suggestions, after what you can inform yourself from different media, reflect and make an informed choice.


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